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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant, leading us to a place of memories, eliciting emotions and impacting our mood. Essential oils are not just pretty smells though, they can be used our to support our physical and emotional health. 

They are powerful tools that have been used extensively through history medicinally and therapeutically to support health and wellness, and it is this ancient wisdom that doTERRA is helping to bring into the homes of people every single day. 

I choose essential oils because I trust in nature to support my mind, body and soul.  These are natural and highly concentrated liquids of medicinal compounds.


No synthetics, no fillers, no fakes. REAL plants.

We get 50 to 70x the concentration of the plant source they come from and, because of that they have a powerful effect on the body. 

Why doTERRA?

1. They provide the very best of what nature has to offer: They source the most medicinal species of plants from places where they produce the most therapeutic essential oils. 


2. They make it a priority to deliver the world's purest, most potent oils (or they don’t deliver them at all)

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essentials oils are carefully extracted by a global network of skilled growers, distillers, and chemists ensuring a consistently powerful user experience. It's a fact that doTERRA make the purest essential oils on the planet. You won't find lab result stating the use of synthetic markers, fragrances, or fillers. doTERRA performs 11 methods of testing, ran 6-8 times prior to bottling - so you know the quality is beyond. 

In all independent testing they have excelled in purity AND potency as the best oils available. 


3. They give millions of dollars back to the developing communities they buy from with co-impact sourcing and, their own Healing Hands Foundation

doTERRA is committed to improving lives by partnering with organizations that offer hope to millions around the world. Healing Hands provides funding & resources to create community-based projects to improve lives where our oils are sourced. These projects include building medical clinics and schools, installing drinking water/irrigation systems, and providing vocational training programs. They also partner with organisations that stand against and save women and children from human sex trafficking.

4. EVERY single essential oil we buy touches lives. The people like us who use them but also the people who harvested the plants, distilled the oils and brought them to us.


5. They are incredibly generous in every single aspect of their company from what they give back to their growers, to the extremely generous commission paid for anyone who wants to share these oils. 


6. We are inspired by doTERRA as a company to live better and share natural solutions. When you start your essential oil journey, you gain a community and a tribe. 

Join the Tribe

Are you ready to take the leap and control of your health and wellness with these amazing oils

Why become a member?

You can purchase all of the doTERRA essential oils and products at retail prices using my link, clicking SHOP and completing an order.  But before you do, it is seriously worth understanding our Membership option and what it means if you join not just doTERRA, but the wellness tribe.

When you join doTERRA you get access to wholesale/VIP pricing.  This means you get 25% off your purchase every time - whether you make one purchase or 100. These prices are yours to access for a year - and you are under no obligation to renew! The power is completely in your hands. Membership costs $35, or you can choose an enrolment kit which waives that initial fee and provides you with additional savings on your first order.  

There are catches - membership is just by far the most cost effective way to buy. Even when people are wanting to only grab a couple of oils, my experience has shown that it generally works out the best to go down the membership route from a financial aspect. But you' don't just get access to the discounts when you join - you get access to all of these additional (and totally AMAZING) benefits.

  • The chance to earn free oils, rare oils, and credits to trade for oils. This means you save more and get more by simply cleaning up your lifestyle and bring natural solutions into your daily life.

  • Education & support so you learn how to use oils properly and safely right from the moment you crack the first bottle through a number of exclusive groups and online training opportunities.

  • An amazing community. You'll be a part of something bigger than yourself. The revolution of generation - reviving and embracing wisdom that has been around for centuries.


How to Join?

Go to my website:
Select JOIN & SAVE ✔️
Choose your Country ✔️
Select Wholesale Account ✔️
Enter Your Details ✔️
Make sure Enroller & Sponsor ID is 3228179     ✔️
Select your chosen Enrollment Kit or "Introductory Enrolment Packet $35" if your building your own kit ✔️
In other items type add any additional items you're after ✔️
Payment Details ✔️

Alternatively - just get in touch and I'll be happy total care of everything for you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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