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Chemical Stress ~ Beauty Products

Chemical Stress- Beauty products

3 years ago I heard Therese Kerr speak in Perth and it sparked a fire inside of me, to make sure I remove products from my life which are filled with chemicals that are endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. I encourage you to look up Therese Kerr- Research.

Did you know that there isn’t any premarket or health testing done on any cosmetic product before it is released onto the market, that there have only been 10 chemicals banned in cosmetics in America over the last 39 years and chemicals are used in cosmetics (skin, hair, beauty, personal care, men’s, perfume, baby and fragranced products) on the basis they are safe until proven otherwise?

This is Crazy!!!

Perfume, cologne and products that contain the word “fragrance” (and 95% or more sadly do) according to The Breast Cancer Fund in America can contain up to 3000 unlisted/undisclosed ingredients and here’s David Wolfe take on it.

“My wish for you, your children, grandchildren and our planet is that fragrance and perfume be removed from the planet.

Nature has the answers not manmade chemicals. When you use perfume or fragranced products, up to 100% of these can be absorbed into the body according to Bill Statham, author of Chemical Maze and research is showing beyond any doubt there are many health implications linked to the chemicals we subject ourselves WILLINGLY to everyday.”

What can you do?

Use Chemical Maze App is a great tool which will help you navigate the topic of chemicals.

Start with small changes…. Deodorant… Makeup… perfume


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