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Eco Travel Tips from my Trip to New Zealand

In planning my trip to NZ I wanted to make sure we brought things from home that would be versatile, useful and save on plastic and other waste.

They came in super handy when we were on long drives we could pack our own lunches and make some food on the road. We weren't quite camping but we were making trying not to eat out all the time and sometimes, especially on the South Island there weren't any cafes to stop at anyway.

Sometimes when it comes to being 'eco friendly' we can walk into a food court for example and get really despondent that all the effort we are making isn't good enough. I like to remind myself that it's all the little things that add up. While staying in a beautiful remote place called Knobb's Flat half way between Queenstown and Milford Sound on the South Island the little cabin had the all natural and eco friendly products. I was reminded yet again that

"I am only one, but still I am one. I can not do everything. But still I can do something."

The list of useful items includes:

- Glass or Metal Water Bottle

- 2x Reusable Coffee Cup

- 2x Plastic/ Metal sealable containers

- 2x set of wooden spoon, fork, knife and bamboo straw

- 2x reusable 'zip lock' bags

- 1x Small sharp knife

- Cooler Bag/ esky which can be bought from the shops when you get there.

Top tips for saving plastic

1. Reusable coffee cup

If this was the only thing you chose to do, then I would still be happy. One coffee day is enough to warrant ALWAYS using a reusable coffee cup. I used mine daily for my coffee but I also turned it into a breakfast cup a few times on the road. Just a quick note that usually my cup is glass but when travelling I take my plastic one to avoid breakages on the road.

2. Make your own food

You can really save on waste when you make your own fresh food, like salads. Make them up the night before with leftovers and pack them into your own containers all ready for the road.

3. Eat in

The fastest way to add to general waste is takeaway food, so where ever possible eat in. I mean why not sit down and have your coffee or lunch in. Take a breather and enjoy the scenery.

4. Choose fresh foods that aren't already packaged or buy in bulk/ bigger size

5. Reusable Takeaway cutlery

I have 2 sets of wooden cutlery and I added a bamboo straw to each set. I actually permanently have a set in my hand bag so I can avoid plastic spoons, forks and straws at all costs.

I fell in love with New Zealand but especially Queenstown. I didn't get any other photos of my eco friendly choices except my Keep Cup breakfast.


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