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Good Reads: SD Protocol

Stressed out? 😫 Most people I see everyday, tell me that they are not stressed… 🤷‍♀️ this because when we hear the word stress, many of us think of things like work deadlines, finance trouble, family drama or emotional upsets. FACT – that’s actually not what stress is. They are just the TRIGGERS for stress.

Stress is the RESPONSE your body has to any physical, chemical or emotional challenge. 💡

Our stress responses main aim is to restore balance so we can stay safe. When it’s triggered we direct nerve and blood flow to our protective organs and away from our organs that aren’t perceived as needed at that time. It goes back to if your body thinks you’re under threat it doesn’t want to fall pregnant, digest anything or heal anything… it just wants to get away from the ‘threat’. 🐅

Hence the following knock on effects: stress hormones, suppression of non-vital systems like digestion, reproduction, rest and repair, and the prioritisation of survival mechanisms. These include raising your heart rate, tightening the muscles needed to run or fight, and opening up the receptors in your brain that allow you to take in all the light and noise you need to see the lion or the bear on the horizon. 🦁 🏃

Our bodies are only really meant to deal w

ith one trigger at a time. But we seem to have a relentless stream of triggers affecting us constantly.

This book goes into stress and the effects on the nervous system and what symptoms you may experiencing in a triggered state. It gives you practical tools to CALM things down and empower you to change your health. ✨🧘‍♀️


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