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What is Innate Intelligence

Innate intelligence is your body's inborn wisdom. It is wired into you and it governs every single act in your body. Every single chemical reaction, every tissue formation, and every bacterial invasion that is fought off is controlled and coordinated by this innate intelligence. Every living thing has an innate intelligence.

Some people think that it sounds a little woowoo, but there are clear signs of this intelligence in nature and within you. The same intelligence that took two cells, one from your father and one from your mother and created you. This intelligence does does cease to exist once you enter this world, it exists within you today. This intelligence's way of travelling is through your nervous system- your brain and spinal cord. It's this intelligence that is what heals your body.

Did you know?

"Your body self-heals and self- regulates"

It does, let's have a closer look at how amazing your body is for self healing.,

Self healing Power #1


Our immune system uses temperature as an effective method of defence. Your body raises your temperature so it can break down the wall of bacteria or virus's and make it easy for our white blood cells to destroy it. Change in our core temperature is not bad... it's our body's intelligent way of adapting to a threat .

So let's think about what can happen when try and control the fever with medications? The potential for that virus/ bacteria to keep multiplying while the fever is lowered is increased. Obviously we still want to be safe with fevers, but it is important to let your body's healing powers do their thing.

Self healing Power #2


Your body is so amazing that it creates mucus so it can surround, carry and remove dead germs that have been killed by your immune system. It then helps you expel them by coughing or sneezing...

Suppressing this response with anti-histamines or decongestants can have the effect of allowing the infection to remain inside and get more aggressive. They prevent your own immune system from healing you.

Self healing Power #3


Vomiting is your body's intelligent way of purging dangerous or toxic food. Rather than allow it be passed to the kidney's, liver, brain and other tissues, your body chooses to get rid of entirely before being absorbed. It may not be much fun but it's a short term solution for poisoning or toxins.

Again, if we take something to stop vomiting, we stop our body's natural process of purging and allow the toxins to be absorbed and potentially make us sicker for longer. Please be safe, if vomiting persists there is the risk of dehydration so it is important to seek help if needed.

Self healing Power #4


Skin is the largest organ of the body and it performs many functions such as cooling (sweating), sensation, it's also a carrier of beneficial bacteria and a barrier to protect us against external pollutants. The pores absorb creams, liquids, pollution, almost everything that comes into contact with your skin. That's why it is bets to avoid things like Parabens and SLS (more on this in another blog soon...)

Rashes are your body's intelligent way of pushing toxins out through your skin. So it's important to get to the bottom of what is causing the rash in the first place... a food reaction, gut sensitivity, allergies etc.

So as you can see your body is pretty amazing, it's time to tune into what it is saying and start allowing it's inborn, natural healing powers to do their thing.


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